The evidence of tectonics

BONUS. To be honest, I am like the sun because whenever I come around the Icelanders get so happy but when it comes to how I shaved my eyebrows recently, I´m even more like the sun because no one wants to look at me. I am also necessary because people would die without me. Like the sun, when I’m in a bad mood if you don’t get 300.0000000000069 billion miles away from me if you didn’t bring some holy coco cola you will get burned to death. As much as I like to talk about me, I have to do my essay now.

Evidence number one. Scientists found out with a sonar device that the Earth has a crack in the flakes around the mid Atlantic ridge, with a bunch of new mountains near the crack proving that the ocean floor wasn’t straight like a carpet but that it has its own underwater landscape.

Evidence number two. When scientists researched the mid Atlantic ridge more after the discovery of the crack, they realised that the further away the underwater mountains were away from the crack, the older they get which proves that underwater volcanoes are indeed active, erupt occasionally and create a new adding to the already existing landscape on the ocean floor meaning that the age of the bedrock is aging the same at each side.

Evidence number three. After that scientists discovered yet again a new thing, which is that the further away you go from the mid Atlantic ridge the sediments become thicker and thicker.

Evidence number four: this is the most difficult to understand. The rockbed of the ocean floor solidifies the magnetic field of the earth of the time of any eruption. Sometimes the magnetic field switches poles, so the north becomes south and the other way around. The result is bands of rock which are the same at each side of the Mid Atlantic Ridge like a barcode.

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